Vitesse Positioning Mechanism

The Power Behind Global Families of OEM Cameras

The Vitesse positioning mechanism powers 100’s of thousands of CCTV/PTZ cameras and derivatives operating globally today.

The rugged die-cast aluminium construction ensures great strength, long life and absolute reliability. Pan and tilt axes are also of exceptional quality held in paired precision ball bearings.

The mechanism is designed to support operation across a wide range of environmental conditions and carrying a wide variety of sensors including 1080p and 4K modules.

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Rugged die-cast aluminium construction

Smooth slow speed control

24-way capsule slip ring – expandable

Proven and globally deployed solution

220° Tilt excursion

Continuous pan excursion

1 mm pitch polyurethane drive belt with a compact 10:1 ratio

Pan and tilt axes with a wide dynamic speed range of 0.01°/s to 720 °/s

Positional accuracy of better than 0.01°

Temperature rating -40°C to +85°C