Advanced PTZ cameras are increasingly finding a natural home in high-end video conferencing systems and for recording or streaming events such as live conferences, public events, and educational lectures. Providing high-resolution coverage or large areas, multiple PTZs can be controlled remotely by a single operator or be automated using AI to lock onto and track specific people or targets in a scene.

Overview is proud to work with leading players in this exciting market who are incorporating Overview’s Servotorq direct-drive and innovative positioning mechanisms into market-leading products.


The low, size and weight of Overview’s products combined with class-leading precision, ultra-smooth motion, high agility and completely silent operation make Overview the motion partner of choice in these sectors.

Overview’s Servotorq drive technology allows professional AV and VC camera manufacturers, or Overview’s engineering team, to rapidly develop unique and market-leading, highly cost-effective and high-performance products.

Video Conferencing Market
VC Blackball™ prototype

VC Blackball™ proof of concept demonstrator

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Retractable Camera – From Concept to Manufacture
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