Broadcast Video and AV Market

Overview’s direct-drive Servotorq Integrated Servo Motors are an ideal solution for motorised pan and tilt heads and yokes used within broadcast cameras. Compact, lightweight motors with precise, smooth and quiet operation offer unrivalled performance to an industry that is increasingly moving to remote and automated operations.

Overview’s compact, high-torque direct-drive, Servotorq Integrated Servo Motors are also ideal for positioning motorised automated lighting units that require high positional accuracy and smooth operation. Current units used in the professional lighting field are belt-driven. Incorporating Overview’s direct-drive technology makes the lighting units smaller, lighter and more reliable. Being able to deliver this performance improvement for units mounted at height is a great advantage. Noise associated with moveable lamps and cameras is also an issue in theatre, television and film. The silent operation offered by Overview’s Servotorq motors is, therefore, a significant advantage for OEM manufacturers.

Manufacturers are always under extreme pressure to hold costs down and to innovate. One of the areas of consistent innovation is size reduction, which also leads to weight reduction and energy savings. Overview’s compact, high-torque positioning solutions are therefore ideal for motor drives in the broadcast and professional lighting markets – delivering cost reductions and improved performance.

Case Studies

Driving the Capture of Smooth, Silent & Precise Movie Action

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