Bespoke Solutions

Overview is proud to design products for some of the world’s largest brands. We use our engineering skills and creativity to take a brief from concept to reality in the shortest possible time. We can do as little or as much as a customer requires. This can be assisting to solve a particular technical problem to a full, turn-key design that is ready for manufacture, fully tested and certified. If necessary, our own manufacturing facility can take the operation through to delivering boxed products ready to be sold. In short, we can do as much or as little as you want. We can act independently or be integrated into your own teams but will always help to reduce costs and time to market.

We maintain strict confidentiality of client information and separate our client development teams. Examples of some of our bespoke product design include:

Video conferencing. Designing and building integrated BLDC servo motors specifically for a leading US  video conferencing customer. The solution had to be compact, totally silent, instantly available on startup without lengthy calibration routines and also highly cost-effective.

Volumetric measurement. Designing and building a  very accurate pointing mechanism on which a laser could be mounted to measure the volume of large, irregular heaps of granular solid material The device had to be able to operate in harsh environments and to make accurate measurements.

Covert surveillance for law enforcement. Our customer wanted an innovative pan and tilt camera that could be elevated from the roof of a vehicle.

Retractable ceiling mounted pan & tilt camera for aesthetic architecture applications. This unique product involved the design and manufacture of a precision motion platform for a pan and tilt camera as well as the capability for the whole systems to rotate into the ceiling so as to conceal the device from view when not in use.

Construction sites. Our customer wanted to develop a device that could point a laser with extreme accuracy and repeatability to measure the accuracy and safety of construction on a building site. Overview developed derivatives of our precision integrated servo motors to support this unique application.

Radar system. A major surveillance radar manufacturer turned to Overview when it wanted to rotate flat-panel radars to deliver 360-degree coverage. Combining needs for precision, real-time position feedback and silent, ultra-smooth motion, Overview designs and manufactures a pointing mechanism bespoke to this customer’s needs.

ATEX compliant PTZ. Overview has worked with customers on several products to design and manufacture precision drive mechanisms for use in stainless steel PTZ  cameras for use in explosive atmospheres.

PTZ cameras to be deployed off-grid for motorway maintenance.

PZT cameras operating in multiple spectrums for employment to protect  VIPs and critical national infrastructure where one of the prime requirements was totally silent operation.


Retractable ceiling mounted pan & tilt camera


Covert Surveillance for Law Enforcement


Radar System

Engineering Capability

Our skilled engineering team have backgrounds covering:

Design Studies
 Precision Motion Development
 Motion Control Systems
 Mechanical and Mechatronic Design
 Analogue and Digital Electronic Design
 Magnetic Systems Design & Development
 System Integration

Servo Design & Development
Embedded Software
New Product Development Programme Management
Production Engineering
Video Tracking & Image Processing
Video Encoding

Equally important is the strong delivery focus in the team, where dedicated Programme Management resources ensure that innovation is delivered under control, every time.